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"It was an amazing opportunity, obviously, but at the same time I found it hard living up to being the person that people thought I was. But I loved touring, playing live that was the side that really made me believe in what I was doing." When the time came to record his second album, "I was trying too hard to reconfirm why I was there and why people liked me. And he did do it again: the album's first single, Broken Strings, has been Morrison's biggest-selling to date to the tune of 1.5m copies but he struggled to embrace the experience the way he had two years earlier.

In his personal life, Morrison has become a father, while losing his own father after the latter's long battle with alcoholism and depression.

He has sold out arena tours, gigged coast-to-coast in America as well as in Australia, Japan and across Europe; he has performed on Jimmy Kimmel's and Jay Leno's TV shows in the States; sung in front of tens of thousands at London's Hyde Park supporting both Bruce Springsteen and Stevie Wonder; appeared on Herbie Hancock's Grammy-winning album The Imagination Project singing a widely acclaimed cover of Sam Cooke's A Change Is Gonna Come; he has been voted Best Male at the 2007 Brit Awards; and at just 21 was the biggest-selling British male solo artist the year his debut album, Undiscovered, came out.

Everything was new then co-writing songs, recording professionally, adjusting to being in the public eye.

"This time I wasn't worrying about success at all, and that's why it was really enjoyable.

I didn't feel I had to go for the big, loud notes all the time I just sat back and sang how I felt and it all just came flooding out." The Awakening is a warm, live-sounding collection of classic but contemporary folk-soul songs.

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