Is giorgio tsoukalos dating

Career Timeline: Presented the series “In Search of Aliens” for H2, Tsoukalos appeared in the 2016 History Con Events held at the World Trade Center Manila.

On 8 March 2009, History channel aired the pilot episode of its latest documentary-style series “Ancient Aliens”, premiering on 20 April next year.

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Quick Info: In his early 40s, archaeologist, and actor, Tsoukalos owns an evergreen looks with no any signs of aging and exhaust.

As his wife doesn’t prefer to be in the spotlight, there are only a few people who know about the marital life of this actor.

Born in Lucerne, Switzerland, Tsoukalos is the only son of his parents.

His mother was originally from Austria whereas his father is native of Greece.

Because his parents were travel fanatics, he began to fascinate by the developments of European archaeology in young age.

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