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Reason Number 2- Black women keep worrying about what other Black people are going to think about their marriage and dating choices.

They don't take a freaking survey when they bring a girl home to Mama.

So while I don't think black women have to limit themselves to dating and marrying black men, I also don't think we should fool ourselves into thinking that just because a man is white or any other color you stand a better chance of finding a worthwhile mate.

A letter drop has also been carried out to inform local people of the action taken today, and officers have been talking to residents to provide reassurance following the raids.

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He's no social commentator or relationship expert by any stretch of the imagination.

After signifying that he just LUUUUUUUVS Black women, he let's ESSENCE force him to take a blood oath that our singleness is NOT the fault of Black men.

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