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The answer is actually the OG* when it comes to thermocouples, pre-dating bean temperature in most manufacturers, and that is the exhaust temperature.Though it goes by many names (exhaust temperature, return-air-temperature, environmental temperature, etc) it represents a measurement taken of the heat energy in the flow of air exiting the roasting chamber.

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It is a major focus because thinking about what is happening to our coffee is the most important thing.

Built into that however, is the somewhat erroneous concept that the bean temperature thermocouple is an accurate measurement or representation of what is Depending on batch size, thermocouple placement, thickness, and type, we could be seeing a wide range of variation in readout of the bean temp thermocouple.

Because of this, focusing exclusively on the bean thermocouple temperature as if holy writ, keeps us from observing what is happening holistically in the roaster.

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