Help write a dating headline

Craft headline copy that targets relevant topics and discussions happening in your industry or niche.

Likewise, avoid straying onto topics outside of your scope. Holding yourself to this standard will ensure you write more effective headlines.

You can get a sense of how your audience talks and what words they use simply by participating in social media conversations with them.

The best written headline is useless if your audience doesn't care.

Your headline must be understandable outside of its context. Something like, "Register For Our Webinar Before Time Runs Out", lets readers know they're on the clock.

If you have a powerful stat in your content (like in this example), put it in your headline.For example, an article about 55 kids playing soccer against two pro soccer stars deserves a hyped up headline.If your content is good enough, your headline will sell the story without resorting to cheap clickbait tactics.After all, why should anyone to ignore the largest social network?A headline like this one practically guarantees traffic.

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