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Episode 3, these real life punishments could be coming for Joey King's Gypsy as well.

But as some viewers already know, that didn't deter Gypsy from trying to find a boyfriend, and the series will continue to detail Gypsy's real life dating history as it leads to Godejohn and their eventual gruesome crime.

If they reciprocate your enthusiasm, you can begin to get to know them even better by exchanging a series of messages.

The more you get to know your gypsy lady, the greater the extent of the flirting you can inject into your messages.

Following the success of the hit Channel 4 TV show My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, We Love have announced the launch of Gypsy Dates, a new dating site which allows single Brits to “grab a gypsy” of their very own.

If you are into relationships with vivacious woman, then this gypsy dating site is just what you've been looking for.

The Reality: Gypsy did frequently dress up like Disney princesses, and there's even a photo on her joint Facebook account with her mom that shows her cosplaying Cinderella.

There's no reports of what Gypsy was wearing to the 2011 convention, but , Gypsy ran away after she realized her mother had been lying about her birthdate and that Gypsy was much older than she'd been led to believe.

There aren't any reports detailing whether or not they engaged in kissing or anything else., Dee Dee reportedly showed the man papers that said Gypsy was a minor.

(Dee Dee had been telling people that Gypsy was 15 at the time, but she was really 19.) In the show, Dee Dee hisses to a stunned Scott that Gypsy is just 14.

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