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Our UPC implementation of the sparse solver component shows robust strong scaling up to 2048 cores, where it outperforms variants communicating using MPI by up to 3.1x.

Melting and loss of ice shelves due to climate changes can result in faster‐flowing, thinning and retreating ice leading to accelerated rates of global sea level rise.Collapse of any of the ice shelves dynamically connected to the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) is sufficient to trigger ice sheet collapse in marine‐grounded portions of the WAIS.Vulnerability elsewhere appears limited to localized responses.We present new design features, including future-based asynchrony management, distributed objects, and generalized Remote Procedure Call (RPC).We show microbenchmark performance results demonstrating that one-sided Remote Memory Access (RMA) in UPC is competitive with MPI-3 RMA; on a Cray XC40 UPC delivers up to a 25% improvement in the latency of blocking RMA put, and up to a 33% bandwidth improvement in an RMA throughput test.

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