Good sexchat phrases

have enough respect to keep it in PM so that those of us that are straight don’t have to see it.Some of us are uncomfortable with gay action but nobody says much because they don’t want to get hammered like I did Tuesday night, it is a very touchy subject.

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– but please don’t take what I post here as the entire picture or set of thoughts that was originally sent.

However, gay anal fisting should not be happening in the main chat room, and hetero anal fisting in the main room is not really appropriate either.

Whether we agree with all or parts of what is mentioned here, I would like to thank this person for having the will to consider a viewpoint which may be different than the majority of vocal regs, and for sharing it with me via email.

Although a guy and girl doing it might be more accepted – I still think that most restaurants are a bad place for rubbing, frenching, intense PDA, no matter what sexes the couple is.

So we do need to consider what is being said in the lobby exactly, and consider that some things are okay and some things may cross the line of what should be taken to a more appropriate location.

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