Glen hansard and marketa irglova dating

"It's a straight-up, genuine breakup song, but not about the passionate breakup, the ' I can't do this anymore! ' It's like the divorce proceedings, if you like -- Where are you going to live? You've had the big, passionate breakup, so now it's about dividing things up, the balancing act."Nevertheless, Hansard says, "I'm glad for that song, really. It's about that great recognition -- ' I've got to get out and you've got to get out and we've got to find our joy again, and whatever way we do that, I hope we can be mates.'" Due out Jan.

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Since then, Glen Hansard accompanies the guitar strings, vocals, songwriting for both ‘The Frames’ and the rock duo, ‘The Swell Season’.

"I thought, ' Shit, man, that sounded really good.

This is an album in its own right,'" he remembers with a laugh.

"The band was cooking, (the songs) sound like finished arrangements.

Some of them were more vague ideas but a couple more or less fell out of the sky and landed as complete pieces, which is always a wonderful thing.

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