Ghana dating fraud

Even if you get to Canada and it’s detected afterwards that it was a fraudulent marriage, you’ll be subject to a deportation. Halfway through his sentence, the image changes to a close-up of his silhouette shot from the shoulders and up.

The following text gradually fades in during the above explanation: You can be forbidden to enter Canada for five years. The lighting slightly highlights his turban and shoulders as he speaks: UNIDENTIFIED MAN: They make us believe, like, they love us so much, so we only get to know when it happens, like when they leave us.

The lighting is the same as previously, highlighting only her hair: UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN 2: I owe about ,000. The blue of his turban and his clothing on his left side are lightly highlighted. Then bringing gifts and clothes, not only to his family members but to his neighbours and anyone he knew.

Cut to a close-up of the hands of the man wearing a turban. The screen goes black as David Manicom begins to speak: DAVID MANICOM: There are a lot of legal consequences for engaging in marriage fraud. There are the possibility of criminal sanctions, which can include a fine of up to 0,000 or imprisonment up to five years or both.

Cut to her silhouette appearing on the right side of the screen. but they said, “She doesn’t want to come to you.” The screen goes black as David Manicom begins to speak: DAVID MANICOM: The financial obligations of a sponsor are that you are responsible for a period of three years for the person you sponsor to come into the country.I tried to recover everything, but sometimes, yeah, it hurts. She continues speaking in French and the following English subtitles appear on screen: UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN 2: My self-esteem took a big blow.I became severely depressed and had suicidal thoughts... The lighting remains the same: UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN 1: I had to be medicated and be off work.His blue turban is highlighted with minimal lighting. Cut back to a close-up of the second woman’s hands.His face is unrecognizable as it is completely darkened. She is still nervously fidgeting as she continues to tell her story in French.

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