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A Reason this is a good app is because you can easily get your friends Email and add them to your contacts on the app and it's not easy to text random people because it requires their Email or Phone Number.Another thing is Parents can easily monitor this app.Kids can collect points to trade for stickers and emojis, stream additional news and content, play games, and even gain access to other chatting apps with different (not always age-appropriate) functionality.They also typically have built-in scan codes that let kids trade contact information and other data quickly.I found out by my older daughter that is 25 and has all ready moved out out the family home and is in another state that there is a app that looks like a game but you can send pictures and text through it without your parents knowing.If there is anything that you think I can benefit from please send it or call me text me I'm very desperate to find out if she is still doing stuff on her phone that I do not approve of.The boards themselves have mature material fairly easily accessible, some of which I wouldn't mind her exploring if we were beside her to guide her. So we could do one of the messaging apps, but you sort of run into a similar problem as our experience has been that links and posts get exchanged that are again, mature, and require parental involvement. All I can say is that I'm not sure if there's an app you can't send links on, but she is more likely to find links on Pinterest than an app where she can chat privately.Long story short, is there a messaging app for young people that is bare bones (no photos, links, etc.) and which does not require a cell number to use? If her friend frequently sends links with mature content on them, she'll likely see them when she's with her friend in person too, which isn't great, but I don't know any apps where you can't send links - messaging apps are probably more link-free, but she'll get links in most of the ones mentioned.

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I reccomend tweens to stick with hangouts or IMessage.But these apps have tons of risky features, from location settings to chatting with strangers, that make them better suited for social-media-savvy teens rather than tweens.And it's not just the safety issues that make messaging apps a risk for young users.Though your tweens may be begging to "age up," it's really better to delay until they're old enough to handle the extra features.Try to steer them into one of the excellent programs designed for users under 13. my name is ayauna but y'all know me as zcutegirl yea i know i'm only 13 but how can children stay safe when grown ups can get on the same thing , and they can send things like u know what.

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