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1984 saw the release of the Australian Aluminium Bronze dollar coin and the beginning of most popular coin series for Australian coin collectors.

New opportunities for coin collectors (and revenue raising opportunities for the Royal Australian Mint) began in the very first year of issue with collector uncirculated grade and proof grade coins released specifically for collectors.

The app uses GPS to direct users and tourists to places of well-known estates or celebrity properties with details about the home and its celebrity-ownership that are cross-referenced with research from the city's public records.

In June 2015, Flagg bought the estate of Tony award-winning producer Michael Filerman.

They started filming for the show, Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, and it aired on Bravo in August 2006.

The show continued with the original cast until Season 4 when Josh Altman co-starred along with Flagg and Hildebrand.

If it occurs on more than one type, you will be shown images of the coins we have listed with that character and if you find your coin just click on the image to go to a listing of it.

The book is an autobiography that details his personal life from growing up in Los Angeles to becoming one of the city's top real estate agents.The table below details each and every dollar coin released from 1984 to 1990.We’ve endeavoured to cover each way in which the coins were released, so for example, the same proof coin from one year may be available in a cased proof, the normal proof set, a coin fair proof set, and even a baby proof set!He is the son of Michael and Cindy (Platt) Flagg of Los Angeles.He is the grandson of philanthropist, electronics industry executive and Jewish leader Herman Platt and great-grandson of Benjamin Platt, founder and owner of the nationwide Platt Music Corporation chain of stores.

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