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You’re afraid of the fact that she’d rather split the bill on your date and you might not get to act chivalrous because she doesn’t need you to pull the chair out for her.As a man, you’re only too used to doing that; you love doing that, just like you enjoy the occasional ego boost. Although at the end, I was convinced by my friend to avail the company's offers because of her good feedbacks to their dating software, I am also happy with my decision. At first, I was hesitant to involve myself in this kind of company because I don't want to waste money participating in any business that I am not well-informed and I am not sure of the company's integrity. Now I know that not all reviews are true, some are just for lie from competitors. I had spent much time reading reviews regarding the quality of services they are doing before availing the good offer . These people ripped me off for hundreds of dollars. I surely repay the good service you are giving by recommending you to my friends.

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I read few bad comments like its a scam, the customer service is not responding,and many more which catches my attention, because of this, i decided not to proceed. I have been using dsb (datingsitebuilder) for few weeks now and here's the good and bad from what I found: Good: easy to use software, simple operation, easy to learn, easy to get start quickly, good selections of templates Bad: knowledge base is not up to date, support by ticket only, no phone support. Their "live help" tells you to "take a trouble ticket" /which is never answered). All I can say is the favourable comments about Dating Site Builder must have been posted by the people who own the "company". I dealt with DSB for several months, and dealing with them was an absolute nightmare. The features are well working which tells me not to ask for refund. So I made a try and to my surpriise the web script I bought is good. Hope I will write more when I explore more about datingsitebuilder's platform. They refuse to give refunds for services they are unable to provide. I am very well pleased with the service they are giving. Its been a while since I signed up with the dating site builder web hosting and I find it stable continue working with the profiles I got from them whom very responsive and active. give them the privilege of doubt and you'll see that the bad reviews are of no basis.However as soon as I’ve told them that I move around for work it has ended in the immediate death in our conversations by most guys.This has made me so reluctant to tell them that I am a travelling performer, which I find so hard as I am so passionate about music and it’s such a big part of my life.

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