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Thus, for cell D3 the formula will change to to toggle between different reference types.In situations when you want to validate each cell based on its own criteria, use relative cell references without $ sign to get the formula to adjust for each row or/and column: As you see, there is no "absolute truth", the same formula could be right or wrong depending on situation and your particular task.This is how to use data validation in Excel with your own formulas.T gain more understanding, feel free to download our Sample Excel Data Validation workbook and examine the rule settings.In many situations, if you select the Ignore blank box when defining the rule (usually selected by default) and one or more cells referenced in your formula is blank, any value will be allowed in the validated cell.Here is an example in the simplest form: When setting up a formula-based Excel validation rule, please keep in mind that all cell references in your formula are relative to the upper left cell in the selected range.

If you use a formula-based criteria in a built-in rule (like we did to validate times based on the current time), it can also return another numeric value.Allow only workdays: In many situations, you may want to use today's date as the start date of the allowed date range.To get the current date, use the TODAY function, and then add the desired number of days to it to compute the end date.If the same value already exists in the specified range (count greater than 1), COUNTIF returns FALSE and the input fails validation.Please pay attention that we lock the range with absolute cell references (A:$A) and use a relative reference for the top cell (A2) to get the formula to adjust properly for each cell in the validated range.

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