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This cute little girl will be happy forever after if she gets a new pony for Christmas this year.She's always asking for that four-legged means of conveyance, but she doesn't want to get just any...There is also of course a search facility so you can find other emo scene guys and girls in your area.(available to non members) Emo forums are present for registered users to view and post topics / replies (view only for non members).Info - You must be 18 to talk in our and also Please note that an English speaking room, but we at permit people to speak in other languages. Foremost is an interest in and passion for everything about the Emo scene.We succeed more often with our authenticated users. Our page is different cause we got all the best, Multirooms public, private, video, text & photo chats.

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HERE IS A SHOUTBOX, BUT IF YOU REALLY WANT TO CHAT WITH HUNDREDS OF USERS, JUST BROWSE THE SITE BECAUSE WE HAVE SELECTED BEST CHATS OVER THE INTERNET AND THEY ARE ALL MOBILE READY!!! - Only follow Links if you really trust the other Chatter.so uk has similarities to other online communities, but it's intended for Emo's and related scenesters.Many anti-emo sites have developed but so Emo isn't intended to be one!A chat facility is also available for members to interact. Aimed specially at emos and alternative people Emo Scene allows you to connect with like minded emos without having to wade through hundreds of profiles of people who arnt your type!

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