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Her solo work is typically more mellow and piano-based than her work with Metric.She occasionally plays a limited number of solo shows, often with Amy Millan as the opening act.The songs "Our Hell" and "Doctor Blind" were issued as singles and had music videos produced.Knives Don’t Have Your Back was followed in 2007 by the EP What Is Free to a Good Home? These recordings were inspired by the death of her father.She started dating the guy that sat to my right and I wasn't too thrilled about that so I did some sly work and here we are 8 years later. We knew that we were going to get married some day and felt so blessed that we found each other early in our lives.Sam sat behind me in AFJROTC my Freshman year of high school. Libby is my ride or die, partner in crime, movie loving, chocolate eating best friend / sister.I walked into ROTC on the very first day of my freshman year of high school.I sat in the back row and introduced myself to the people around me.

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After settling in Peterborough at the age of three, she grew up in a house rich with experimental art and musical expression.I will miss all of the crazy adventures we went on once she moves away to be with her fiance at Undergraduate Pilot Training in Texas. Even though she left for college in a different state, we have never stopped being best friends.Emily will be the one dancing on top of the bar and handing out free drinks even though they're already free..She is an incredible artist and has enough creativity for the two of us.I am so proud of her for starting her own business and achieving her dreams. She was there for Sam's and my first date, first kiss, first school dance, first everything. We have done so many stupid, crazy things that have built us into the strong women we are today.

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