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Alison joked—and as jokes go, it took the breath out of this viewer—that she would yell rape if Noah got frisky. On the island, romance and easiness were counterposed with a searching excavation of their relationship.

Alison told Noah he never really heard her, Noah told Alison that Cole would only ever see her as a disaster, damaged goods, and never truly trust her with Joanie.

This was a rare thing: The Affair having as near to fun as it gets.

Noah was hidden on the patio, Cole was babbling, and Alison was desired by both.

West said neither actor knew what the other was paid, but he supported his co-star in the wake of her comments.

“In fact she should get paid more because she won a Golden Globe for the part,” West told Channel 4 news in the U. “There was absolutely no reason for her to get paid less than me, and that’s part of what is being hopefully confronted now.

Well, until the appearance of Gunther, the sadistic prison guard played by Brendan Fraser, tonight’s was one of the most calm and beautiful episodes of The Affair to date, taken up—as it was—by Noah (Dominic West) and Alison (Ruth Wilson) squaring the circle of their tortured relationship. Some critics and viewers think the “real relationship” is between Alison and her ex-husband Cole (Joshua Jackson), but for me it’s Alison and Noah all the way…

This is the relationship that is central to the show, the title of the show, and in this week’s episode Noah and Alison ranged over what they had done, and what it had meant—and now, why it must end. And this episode, gorgeously written by Sharr White, brought another Affair first: a tradition of two perspectives—but this time the first perspective not disputed or muddied by the second, which tonight simply took the story forward.

We discovered that Helen still doesn’t know that Alison was also involved in Scotty’s death, and that Alison thought they should have tried to tell the truth about the circumstances of his death.

Off Cole went, Noah came in from the patio and presented another challenge to Alison—to spend a day with him on Block Island.

If she still wanted a divorce at the end of the day, then fine, she could continue flagellating herself at the knees of Cole and Luisa in order to secure joint custody of Joanie.

The stars’ comments come as the gender pay gap is in the spotlight. British actor West’s comments came a day after one of his peers, former “Doctor Who” star Christopher Eccleston, weighed into the gender pay debate.

“In television I would be paid more if myself and [“Doctor Foster” star] Suranne [Jones] were in a drama.

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