Does radioactive dating work for gases

The story begins in November 1895, when German physicist Wilhelm Rontgen was busy experimenting with the effects of electricity on gases.Little did he know that he would happen upon something that would make its way into hospitals across the world virtually in the blink of an eye: the x-ray.

You’ll hear more about these techniques in the posts that follow in this series.So while healthy cells are usually able to stitch their DNA back together and avoid the fatal consequences of the radiation, cancer cells can’t.That’s why radiotherapy is given to patients across a number of sessions that are spread out over time – these gaps allow the healthy cells to recover.Over the years, scientists have come up with a number of ways to make radiotherapy more elegant and precise, but in principle the treatment remains the same: a high dose of radiation aimed at the tumour.Although there are many types, broadly radiotherapy is given in 2 ways, from either outside the body (external radiotherapy) or inside (internal radiotherapy).

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