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Over 1 billion people have seen Sweetie in the news.We collaborated with You Tube to donate a designated channel, with Media Monks to digitally produce that You Tube channel, with Motek Entertainment and Brekel 3D to design Sweetie, with to develop and run our online petition, with Brouhaha for stage design, Code d’azur for the online infrastructure, Tetteroo Media for the documentary, with a number of legal and policy consultants around the world to develop our call to action and our understanding of the problem, but especially with Terre des Hommes.We came to them with the almost impossible task of creating a 3-D child that looks and moves so realistically that 1,000 adults around the world would not question her authenticity. Thanks mostly to the credit of our art directors and the 3-D animators that that never happened.Four of us spent eight to 10 hours a day, five days a week, for 10 weeks on chat rooms, using Sweetie as a disguise with which we interacted with online predators and collected their names, locations, and webcam video footage of them until we had finally identified 1,000 of them–999 men and one woman–living in 71 countries.We could see that he was sitting on the ground and there appeared to be no windows in his room.He typed slowly and almost immediately offered to take off his clothes if I sent him some money. I had never been so directly exposed to such darkness.

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We used that channel as the online hub, where we posted our 120-page research report about our findings and all other related documents and pictures.And as I read further, what struck me–in addition to the horrifying brutality of this kind of child abuse–was the fact that law enforcement agencies around the world are doing so little to stop the men who pay for this abuse.Most of the child victims live in developing nations, while most of the men who abuse them live in wealthy countries, including the Netherlands.When we asked people to help us in whatever capacity to help stop Webcam Child Sex Tourism, no one hesitated to join the cause.People donated huge numbers of hours and huge amounts of resources to make this a success.

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