Dirk nowitzki dating cristal taylor Olderfreechat video com

Tony Banks (who’s absolutely nasty in NFL Blitz) had a 9 season NFL career as a quarterback.He played for 5 NFL teams, and at one point, also had one crazy girlfriend."She called me and wanted to see me; I said, 'No,' " Banks recalled."She sent me her picture in the mail, and she was just gorgeous.

When Banks decided not to hire the friend as an agent, he "sicced" Taylor on him, Banks said.

Taylor had outstanding warrants in both Texas and Missouri for a probation violation and theft of service. Nowitzki is refusing to talk about the situation, saying, “”Basketball business is public business. This is private business.” But, as it always does, the plot thickens.

Today it comes out this isn’t the first go-round Taylor has had with a professional athlete.

She was arrested at Nowitzki's Dallas home on May 6. Now, she's pregnant, and he wants nothing to do with her.

"I'm angry, but I do love Dirk with all my heart," she said in a jailhouse interview. As far as I can tell, she didn't do anything to him.

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