Did kathy griffin really dating levi

KATHY GRIFFIN, GUEST HOST: Tonight, Joan Rivers smack down -- why did the QVC queen take me out at her roast? That's right -- the father of Sarah Palin's grandson strolls the red carpet with his cougar -- rawwww -- me. That's like calling yourself the thinnest girl in Kirstie Alley's house. (LAUGHTER) (END VIDEO CLIP) GRIFFIN: Joan, do you have any idea how excited I am that you would refer to me as skinny? You look like you went to a reunion of "Schindler's List." I mean telling you, you are just thin, thin, thin. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) LEVI JOHNSTON: I don't really pay attention to other women, you know? I kept thinking, with all the plastic and all three of us, don't let her serve anything flambe. (LAUGHTER) GRIFFIN: I think I got some implants on the way out and I didn't really feel it, some sort of (INAUDIBLE) lifting. GRIFFIN: Well, tell me about your -- your history, because the reason that -- I know you guys go back, but I love when you told me one time that Cher came up to you one time and said that she was angry when she wasn't in the act. And I used to use her in the act and I had a cutout of her. And we -- and when I took her out of the act finally, she came backstage and she said to me, you took me out of the act.

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Kathy Bates got angry because I made a joke that if she had not been on the Titanic, in the movie, it would not have gone down. Those are two pretty good bars to be kicked out of, actually.

Return to Transcripts main page CNN LARRY KING LIVE Kathy Griffin Takes on Joan Rivers; Levi & Kathy Kiss & Tell; Child Beauty Pageant Winners And Their Parents Aired August 10, 2009 - ET THIS IS A RUSH TRANSCRIPT. Joining me tonight is comic, writer and entrepreneur, Joan Rivers. (LAUGHTER) GRIFFIN: Joanal is not an Orthodox Jew, but men still (EXPLETIVE LANGUAGE) through a sheet so they don't have to look at that face. GRIFFIN: And I just -- I have strived for that and starved myself just for this moment. David Brenner, who likes women that walk out of Auschwitz, David Brenner would think you're hot.

THIS COPY MAY NOT BE IN ITS FINAL FORM AND MAY BE UPDATED. I'm just going to be looking in his beautiful, chocolate eyes all night and waiting for magic to happen. (LAUGHTER) RIVERS: And Kathy Griffith -- yes, my good friend. Is that what you say when you come out here, the biggest star in this room tonight?

And Joan joys us -- joins us live from QVC, where I think there's a whole separate room where they just print her money. If people don't you, you were the roast mistress and you were terrific. Now, first of all, let's take a quick look at some of the proceedings. Although you probably heard, I'm in a romantic relationship with Levi Johnston. GRIFFIN: Maybe to make him jealous, we'll -- we'll call David Brenner.

It was so great last night on the roast for Comedy Central.

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