Depressed dating site

She is a pretty cool lady, smokes pot, likes back to the future, drives a supra, but most importantly she is just as lonely and sad as me.

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It was one of my dads old friends, and she came into my work all the time.

I have absolutely no freaking idea where single people my age, 28, do or go.

The more I tried online dating the more I'm absolutely sure it's a scam and doesn't work.

It may be hard but my best answer is to ignore the sites and do what makes you happy.

Get a dog, hang with friends, do something that gets you out that isn't for the purpose of socializing because my motto is most people are shit anyway so why am I making an effort to relate.:/ I just joined okcupid in the past couple weeks. I used to be so good at getting to know new people, and would regularly banter with complete strangers in public.

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