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If you or someone you know has an eye condition, our sight loss advisers can help.

If you have lost the sight in one of your eyes, your ophthalmologist will not be able to certify you as sight impaired or severely sight impaired unless you have significant sight loss in your other eye.

This is because your other eye will largely compensate for the loss of sight in the affected eye.

The figures 6 / 60 or 3 / 60 are how the result of a Snellen test are written.

The first number given is the distance in metres from the chart you sit when you read it.

Learn about the importance of certification and registration to a patient and the benefits of the process.

The ophthalmologist uses a combination of both your visual acuity and your field of vision to judge whether you are eligible to be certified, and at which level.

If you have a good visual acuity, you will usually have had to have lost a large part of your visual field to be certified as severely sight impaired (blind) or sight impaired (partially sighted).

If your eye specialist does certify you The eye specialist sends copies of the certificate to you, your GP and your local social services department.

You can then choose to be registered with your local social services if you wish to.

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