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Many have called it the "new must-have dating app for the 21st-century gay man." We would be inclined to agree. Gay dating apps make up one of the fastest growing segments of the online dating industry.

Unfortunately, most of the gay dating apps on the market are clones of each other.

Their new, but genuine, relationship is tested even further as they try to save each other, from his dark past which has come back to haunt him. It's bad across the board: the directing, the editing, the script, hell the credits are literally Times New Roman 12 pt font. In any action movie you'd like to have at least a decent villain but that's not even the case here.

Love You With A Bang Written by Maty Noyes, Jack Shackelford and Phoenix Stone Performed by Maty Noyes Courtesy of Lava Music and Republic Records Under license from Universal Music Enterprises See more » Sam Rockwell knocks it out of the park as a goofy, charming ex-hit-man; his character is basically if Hank Moody from Californication was an expert on guns instead of girls. Anna Kendrick is likable as ever, Tim Roth is fantastic for what little he's given to do, even RZA is good in his small quirky role. It's so noticeably lazy that it takes you out of the movie. Any time the two leads (or Tim Roth) aren't on screen and the story shifts to the conflict between the two brothers, the guys who hired RZA and other nameless hit men to kill Rockwell's character, the movie grinds to a halt. Tim Roth plays more an antihero whose motives aren't made clear until late, and it's not much of a payoff but it's always great to see Roth on screen.

The majority focus on finding quick hookups and leave gay men seeking serious relationships as an afterthought.

Thankfully the leads have chemistry to keep it afloat. There were plenty of laughs and I was rooting for this couple to kick some ass and work out their problems, and that's a testament to how well Rockwell and Kendrick play off each other and their natural comedic chops. And when the baddies start showing up the action sequences are pretty cool too. He plays a secret agent who constantly shifts identities so we get to see him flex his accent muscles which is always a good thing.I can't recommend seeing this movie because the plot is so frustrating, but I did get some laughs and the performances are spot on.If only to watch Sam Rockwell have a blast in the role of a lifetime backed by a wonderful supporting cast, Mr. Just don't go in expecting greatness because you'll likely be disappointed.It takes an approach that is open and inclusive while at the same time providing structure and order.It creates an atmosphere that is safe, engaging and fun.

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