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Apps might not be for you, or events which are set up with the direct purpose of matching you with someone. What about if you could go out to dinner with no pressure, in a relaxed atmosphere with other singles around your age and enjoy a meal?

Knowing there is no expectation to be asked out, where you can actually enjoy the company of men and women and make new connections in your city, whether it’s a friendship or more?

It gives each member a chance to relax in the company of others and know there is no outcome except a great night out.

Joanne is Founder of Joanne Michelle and is a certified Health Coach and Divorcee who has set up Canberra’s first one-on-one break-up coaching program; offering health and wellness advice and practical techniques to help provide much needed support to women after their break-up or divorce.

Joanne’s mission is to support and EMPOWER women to rediscover their identity after their break-up or divorce.

A Table of Six is very different from your typical “let’s get out and meet singles” event.

Canberra host Jenny brought A Table for Six to Canberra over four years ago because she found that the single scene needed a different kind of connection.

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