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Should that be the case, a delay would imperil the sequence, because the useful payload for a Marius Hills mission fell off by as much as 6,000 pounds (2,720 kilograms) after midyear.* 58 After the Apollo 13 mission had to be aborted, the Group for Lunar Exploration Planning reconsidered its recommendations and endorsed Fra Mauro (the planned Apollo 13 site) for Apollo 14.

Its importance in dating the Imbrian event remained, and it offered advantages for placement of another passive seismometer, an active seismometer, and a third laser retroreflector.

Calio then described the geologic features of the Hadley-Apennine site, located on the eastern rim of Palus Putredinus, nearly 30 degrees north of the moon's equator. Calio to Mgr., Apollo Spacecraft Program, "Site Selections for the Remaining Apollo missions," Mar.

Among the sites still under consideration, Hadley was unique in offering direct access, with or without a roving vehicle, to a mountainous highland, a mare surface, and a sinuous rille. "Group for Lunar Exploration Planning, Minutes of Meeting, February 6-7, 1970"; A. Calio to Mgr., Apollo Spacecraft Program, "Site Selections for the Remaining Apollo missions," Mar.

The remaining sites were ruled out, either because MSC had determined that they were unsuitable for landing or because they appeared to offer insufficient new scientific information to justify consideration.60 Following this meeting only Littrow, Descartes, Hadley- Apennines, and the Marius Hills remained as strong candidates for the last missions.

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Finally, the group recommended that the site for the landing at Hadley (J-4) be moved from the west side of Hadley Rille to the east side, to allow the astronauts to reach the Apennine Front and sample more than one type of terrain.57 MSC's Science and Applications Directorate evaluated this list with three guiding principles in mind: information gained from previous missions should weigh heavily in selection of later sites; since only a few missions remained, sites should be chosen to answer as many scientific questions as possible and missions should have multiple objectives; and the sites of undisputed scientific interest should be scheduled as early as possible.

Fra Mauro remained the highest priority on the list because it offered the chance to sample material that originated deep within the moon.

The group wanted to move Marius Hills from the second to the first J mission, interchanging it with Descartes.

Tycho was reluctantly dropped from consideration because of its operational problems, although the group indicated that location was still interesting.

The remaining sites on the list approved in October were endorsed, with minor changes.

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