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Tiahuanaco comprises the ruins of four main structures and although at first sight, it may seem like there’s not much to admire, the mind-boggling story behind their construction (stones weigh up to 150 tonnes and were – somehow – carried for two dozen kms) the fact it remains mostly unknown and is always uncrowded makes this an absolutely brilliant place to visit.centuries, although their legacies remain, nowadays, in only four countries: Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil.European influence and invasion have certainly never been portrayed favourably in South American history yet the independent and autonomous Jesuits actively challenged the Spanish status quo and fervently protected the indigenous population from enslavement and persecution, the main reason their settlements were popular and revered.Colombia The largest collection of ancient religious relics in all of South America and believed to be the world’s largest ancient cemetery, UNESCO-listed San Agustin is akin to an archaeologist’s amusement park, if you ignore the sombre subject.The latter is home to the most beautiful of the 30-odd collection: the Jesuit Mission of San Miguel Arcanjo.Built in the 1680s, this UNESCO-listed Jesuit Reduction exhibits the stunning Baroque architectural style which the Jesuits favoured and given the site’s historical prominence; it has been fervently preserved by the local government.Easter Island The giant carved statues that tower over some of the most beautiful landscapes of all, the Moais of Easter Island are insanely fascinating and offer a genius excuse to visit what is, in actual fact, a sensational island.UNESCO gave up trying to recognise all of Easter Island’s prized assets (800 statues and then some) and ended up declaring the entire isle one collective treasure.

All we know about the Nazca lines are, for the most part, to Bolivia Tiahuanaco is considered one of the hidden treasures of South America archaeology, and it’s amazing to know most visitors to Lake Titicaca don’t even know it exists despite the fact it’s located only 20kms away.This is the alleged birthplace of the pre-historic culture of this region and, if researchers are correct, could turn out to pre-date every other ancient site on the continent.The largest pre-Colombian city in all of South America, Chan Chan is a beautifully-preserved adobe citadel located just a few kms from the seaside surfing hub of Trujillo, in northern Peru.The site showcases the craftsmanship of the ingenious yet relatively short-lived Chimu people who roamed over this region for 400 years before being overthrown by the Incas in the 15 century.

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