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It's hard to believe that no caching is being used at all; but it's not impossible. Its nothing to do with IIS its TCP/IP related. SI supports a maximum of 64,000 simultaneous connections on each source IP address.This maximum value is based on the architectural limits of IP itself.They end up with quick dates, one night hookups, affairs, and in the end just try to make good of a bad situation. There is no corner in the western world where dating has not had a negative effect on families.

It's almost as bad as the original idea that "64k is more than anyone will need" (paraphrased). And in that database you can use a denormalized schema and more access oriented indexes.

All this is handled by one person, using a handful of servers, working a few hours a day, while making million a year from Google ads. The same why everyone gawks at Paris Hilton and her doings ..

all u need is a reliable site and no interference and the lottery word of mouth ie someone won a million here and there "IIS arbitrarily limits the total connections to 64,000 so a load balancer was added to handle the large number of simultaneous connections."I'm glad that was cleared up.

And the idea that HDDs will never be bigger than 2GB. IIS does have one major advantage -- it is tied very closely to the OS it runs on. You also don't need to have triggers because the data should be verified on the write database.

It probably enjoys the benefit of kernel-space IO which is much faster than user-space. Maybe you can use different table types, caching policies, and other read optimizations as well. NAT only supports 64,000 connections per Source IP address.

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