Dating sim 2 gba

Sometimes the unlockable emotes will be more effective than others.There's hidden items to be found, and all around a good amount of secrets to figure out.Addictiveness The game features multiple levels, about 16 base levels in all.They can also be changed with plot twists, for enhanced replay ability.That's true for sound too, but I will talk about that later.All sound effects are done very well, and it fits the theme perfectly.The episodic set up allows for a person to play a few episodes at a time, good for the "on-the-go" mission of the time.There's a good amount of unlockables and what not, to keep you motivated to keep coming back.

I believe that this will make the following review fair and honest.I always like to find cons before pros, but this game did great.The walking sprites, still sprites, textures, theme, and the animations are awesome.Remember when I said about the graphics and sounds interacting with the player?Just to show how much depth this game actually has, they added pretty neat things.

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