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You may want to consider the SVR model as you think about your cultural and religious values; think about how you can leverage the challenges any differences may bring with the existing strengths in your relationship.

As you do, you will be better prepared to determine the roles and responsibilities each of you will assume in your marriage.

According to the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, nearly 37% of Americans are married to someone of a different faith.

When selecting a life partner, values, beliefs, and other cultural and religious factors are evaluated in a filtering, stage-like process called Stimulus-Values-Roles or SRV.

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Potential cultural differences that must be negotiated were highlighted in one study that focused on Asian Indian-White marriages.

Within the Asian Indian community, partner selection tends to be carefully orchestrated within social status and income, with education and employment as key variables for consideration.

Staying within the same range on these factors assures power and status equity within the families.

Rates of distress also increased among Hispanics and Native Americans who intermarried.

Intermarriage among Asians did not elicit increased distress for any groups, which may be a result of the fact that they are among the most integrated minority group in American society.

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