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Zum anderen haben Sie dadurch mehr Zeit die auf Sie zugeschnittene, diskrete Beziehung zu entdecken nach der Sie sich in Wirklichkeit sehnen.Die Vorfreude auf das Verreisen in eine andere Stadt kann dadurch noch gesteigert werden, dass Sie eine neue Person dort kennenlernen.Of that lucky, exclusive group, 37% said it was with their partner, 30% did it with a stranger, 15% chose a friend, and another 18% went for the full fantasy and did it with a member of staff.One 39-year-old man said he approached an attractive flight attendant after he overheard her complaining about going through a dry spell after breaking up with her boyfriend, “I hit on her for a while and she finally asked me if we wanted to go in the bathroom and have sex.Es ist nur allzu einfach sich in der Routine zu verlieren.Wir beginnen schnell damit die Sekunden und Minuten herunter zu zählen, anstatt uns voll und ganz dem Genuss des gegenwärtigen Augenblickes hinzugeben.

Over half of them did it in the bathroom, as is the classic move, though 31% somehow managed to pull it off in their seats.Even more surprising is that the likelihood of getting caught while doing it in your seat (14%) is only incrementally greater than doing it in the bathroom (13%) despite the fact that the former is a much more private location.According to one 47-year-man, he and his partner managed to make seat sex work by pulling up the armrest and shielding themselves with blankets.Another 50-year-old man said that he and his partner lucked out by getting three seats for the two of them, so when he lay down as if to go to sleep, his partner climbed on top and went very slowly.Needless to say, night flights were almost twice as popular as day ones for sneaky fornication, though, oddly enough, there seems to be a higher chance of being caught on them.

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