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But it has also manifested as pressure put on Ethiopian Jewish women to be injected with Depo Provera, a long-acting birth-control drug, sometimes as a condition for being allowed to immigrate to Israel.As a result of these injections, the birth rate of the Ethiopian community was found to have plummeted.

Once Ethiopian Jews finally started arriving in the country in 1984, Israel started to repeat some of the same mistakes it had made with other immigrants of colour, directing them to live in the periphery of the country, where economic advancement is much more difficult.

For more than three decades, the story of Operation Moses - the mission to airlift thousands of Jews from Ethiopia and absorb them in Israel - has been a source of pride for many supporters of the Jewish state.

Even today, it is often recalled as an exception to the racist rule, a rare episode in which black people were not taken out of Africa to be enslaved, but rather, in order to be liberated.

Although Israel has consistently promised to end the practice, it has remained in effect for twenty years, occasionally triggering another round of Ethiopian outrage.

Less than a month ago, the government once again vowed that it would do so, for the umpteenth time.

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