Dating depression tips dating a libra man

Depression is a serious illness but it's a treatable one, and it doesn't mean that all your potentially great relationships are doomed.

"It is absolutely possible for two people to have a relationship when one of them lives with depression," says Heather Cobb, spokesperson for the National Mental Health Association (NMHA).

It is not necessary to bare your soul, or your depression on a first date.

Before confiding in another, ensure that person is someone who is going to be a constant in your life; someone for whom you genuinely care about and with whom you wish to have a prolonged relationship.

Dating presents a challenge when one is depressed and has difficulty feeling or expressing joy.

For example, if daily exercise is part of your treatment regimen, invite your partner to join you taking walks or working out.

Talk to your doctor about alternative medications, if this is the case.

In any event, it is possible to display affection in other ways when the mood is not right due to depression issues.

The time to tell someone about your depression is either when your condition gets in the way of the relationship or the partnership starts to become serious.

So, if you get knocked on your ass by depression and have to cancel a Friday night date, tell him or her what's going on.

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