Dating countdown

The brunette went on to marry Patrick King in 1990, but the pair parted ways 10 years later.Carol and Patrick have 27-year-old daughter Katie and son Cameron, 21, together.The countdown automatically adjusts for DST changes in the selected location. Celebrate your anniversary with Chu-day, must-have app for couples! Remember Days-The first day, birthdays, first trip as well as first kiss!-We send you notifications to celebrate your anniversaries if you turn on the notification.#.

"Say yes to someone you might not normally say yes to, but make sure they’re interesting in one way or another (none of us want to be bored!

In 2012, the presenter began dating her on-off partner Graham 'Duffy' Duff, who was 14 years her junior.

The couple reportedly split in 2015 but rekindled their romance in 2016.

She divulged: “We are all the same as we were when we were kids, ok not the knee-high socks and pig tails (probably!

), but fundamentally it’s the same old stuff.“BTW, I never could catch Julian Ellis when I was 6, he used to outrun me on kiss-chase every time!

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