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But this is about more than simply being good- or bad-looking.

“It’s more about the category of one’s appearance, be it cute or sexy.” It’s not uncommon to hear a potential date described in terms of an animal.

This may not be the case for older people looking to date, though.

“You care more about his school when you’re in your mid to late 20s.

A man can be equated to a dinosaur, sloth or “fennec fox,” to give a few examples; and a woman can be described as a fox, tiger, koala or squirtle — the last from the Nintendo game Pokemon.

Cat, puppy, bear and rabbit are apparently gender-neutral descriptors.

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I am an engineer and a spiritual person, without children, willing to reinitiate my life with a British couple, to learn English correctly and continue studying masters and doctorates and establish my office in London an..Education is considered a barometer of the person’s general lifestyle and family background, so you can be confident that you and that person have other things in common.“It increases the potential of developing a serious relationship,” said Yoon.While an average South Korean may gladly flirt with someone in a club or bar or on the street, such encounters are a no-go for anything serious.By and large, a stranger met in such circumstances is not considered boyfriend or girlfriend material.

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