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The most common of these is a raised semi-circular ring, concentric to the pin mounted onto the plate of the lock.

This ring keeps a key from entering the lock far enough to engage the bolt – unless it has a slot cut to the right depth, located in the right place on the face of the blade.

It screws directly onto the interior surface and protrudes into the interior of the cabinet or drawer.

These are often used as “quickie” fixes by some restorers who are not familiar with the inner workings of locks.

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The key uses this pin as a fulcrum to apply the required force to activate the bolt. We’ve got a key with the right size blade and the right size hole in the barrel. Sometimes there are some primitive anti-intruder devices that must be defeated.Since most people are frustrated by a door or drawer that is apparently locked and since most of us are conditioned to accept locked spaces as “off limits”, furniture locks actually don’t have to be that secure and almost any determined interloper can gain access.The most frequently encountered problem with old locks is neglect and abuse.But there must be people out there who do not share the same set of values as you and I. Then the ability to restrict access to certain areas and private articles became of interest to me so I took the time to study the blasted things and it turns out that they are not really all that complicated.Otherwise why would there be the need for those inevitably cranky, non-functional, generally aggravating locks on what are otherwise very nice pieces of older and antique furniture? In fact, with a few exceptions, most locking devices found on older furniture are childishly (there’s that word again) and scarily simple.

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