Dating a guy and a girl

Johnny and Sharon marry and become the superintendents of their apartment building.Berg goes on to date Irene (Jillian Bach), the eccentric neighbor across the hall, and Pete begins dating a fellow firefighter named Marti (Tiffani Thiessen).In the first two seasons, Berg, a slacker, works at a Boston pizza parlor, Beacon Street Pizza, with Pete.

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Pete becomes a vice president of a cosmetics company, and then a firefighter.

Jukebox repairman Johnny Donnelly begins a relationship with Sharon.

Other secondary characters (Irene, Kamen, Shaun) are introduced throughout the season.

The episodes contained storylines including: Pete preparing for a presentation which Berg ruins; Berg stealing the Celtics' '81 championship banner; Sharon joining the softball team; and the story of how they all met.

Because the episodes aired out of order, the season seems very disjointed---demonstrated by the status of Pete's relationship with Melissa: in episode 8 – "Party" Melissa and Pete are still together despite having previously broken up in episode 5 – "Apartment". Season 2 had a more structured basis for each episode.

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