Dating a coworker gossip

That’s right, no profiles to write, no photos to upload, no tentative plans to meet at a Ruby Tuesday’s but you wind up leaving after she’s an hour late, certain she spied on you through the window and opted not to move forward. The closest you’ll get to online dating when it comes to dating a coworker is sending adorable (or, OK, filthy) memes to each other throughout the day.

Haven’t you always found it odd that the very people who vocalize a disdain for inter-office dating, co-mingling, whatever hot word they plug in, are the same ones who are in awe of power couples?

Until you’re a full-blown couple, and everyone knows it, you’ve now got an ally behind enemy lines.

And a whopping 31 percent of office relationships result in marriage.

So here are reasons why you be pursuing exactly who everyone is telling you not to pursue. No trying to squeeze in time together or “I got this work thing” to keep you apart—hell, .

Sure, this can only last so long, before work becomes the last thing you want to talk about, but it’s key in the beginning. When human resources tells you dating a coworker or colleague is frowned upon, that’s one thing; but, when they tell you it’s…

You spend one too many nights doing overtime with a co-worker and in the midst of bonding over your mutual dislike for your bad boss while flirting, err, fighting over the last few slices of pizza, it suddenly hits you: you’re in love.

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    If there's one guaranteed thing about having a BFF who's also your soulmate, it's the unfiltered honesty you're sure to share.

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