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Despite his healthy appetite for pot, Talde said he had never really explored the possibilities of cooking with cannabis before he appeared on “Bong Appetit.” “I’ve thrown weed into butter and made brownies but never at this level,” he said jokingly.

But on the show, Talde went far beyond pot brownies, crafting a hand roll with wagyu tartar, Dungeness crab soffits and a frozen Yuzu souflee — all of which were laced with THC and CBD.

Before rising to fame as a Top Chef hopeful, Talde grew up in the Ravenswood neighborhood and later moved with his family to the northwest suburbs.

During his adolescent years at Maine East High School in Park Ridge, Talde was no stranger to cannabis.

“It’s not 100 percent the kind of person you are, but people can see ability.

They can grasp your ability from the show,” said Talde, who later placed sixth again on “Top Chef: All Stars” in 2010.

As a special treat, here are Dale Talde’s favorite Chicago area restaurants for stoner-friendly munchies: 1. And people don’t know because you go in and all of a sudden you see it’s a grocery store and then you go in the back and it’s like a taqueria.

The last four years of bingeing on RHOA are finally going to pay off.

“As you get older — I’m 40 now, and I’ve been in the game since 20 — both my knees are no good, both my ankles are terrible, I have real lower back issues,” he said. I use a little bit of cannabis and CBD oil to remedy that.” While Talde remains focused on developing new restaurant concepts — including an upcoming project in Tarrytown, New York — he also recently started a hospitality brand with his wife, journalist Agnes Chung Talde.

The company, Food Crush Hospitality, offers a range of services, including restaurant consulting, menu development and media coaching for people in the food industry. What I love about it is, it’s got a huge outdoor space … Golf Road in Glenview “That was always my munchie joint. Take a couple rips [from a bong] and hang out there.

More importantly, I am deeply sorry to those who felt hurt.

I certainly deny the allegations, as presented to me, that I ever had a drug problem, threw an empty nitrogen canister at anyone or that I left Jean-Georges on anything other than good terms (I provided three months’ notice and maintain a good relationship with chef and mentor Jean-Georges to this day),” he wrote in a statement.

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