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“To the efficient market, character is itself an inefficiency to be squeezed from the system.” Virtue (at least the classical sort) requires limits, and self-control.It requires saying “no” to present wants, for the cultivation of future goods.Weighing the consequences of our consumer culture is something many authors have done in the past, from Neil Postman to Christopher Lasch and beyond.But the temptations of virtual reality and the vices of modern society have not slowed or dissipated—thus, it’s important to continue listening to authors like Roberts.Yet we forget—and often ignore—the implications and consequences of this entanglement.This is why Paul Roberts’ new cover story for …[T]he entire edifice of the consumer economy, digital and actual, has reoriented itself around our own agendas, self-images, and inner fantasies.There’s even a book out called Slow Church, protesting the “Mc Donaldization” of the U.

With Tinder now reporting that 80% of their members...Empathy weakens, and with it, our confidence in the idea, essential to a working democracy, that we have anything in common.In today’s society, our desires have become paramount: we want to read, eat, and watch what we want, with speed and ease.But today, society gives us every opportunity to get what we want, presenting these options with deceptive ease and perceived harmlessness.However, people seem to be recognizing some vices inherent in this efficiency-as-virtue model.

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