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This video led to his arrest and he was made popular because of the issue.

To his high school reunion, he took an 18 year old girl he was dating and was criticized for it.

'Controversy: In an April 26, 2006 file photo, radio shock jock Anthony Cumia leaves CBS Radio studios on 57th Street with fans after finishing their first morning show in New York.

Radio personality and the presenter and also the broadcaster who is better known as the co-presenter of the "Opie and Anthony" radio program, and also, and the top radio personality is, Mr. At one point the duo has fired from the gig at a Boston radio following they pulled a prank which asserted the city's mayor died in a car accident.

Anthony Cumia began dating ex-wife Jeniffer Cumia on 1989 and the couple later got married.

And the spat was witnessed by several famous comedians including Howard Stern’s sidekick, Artie Lange.

Earlier in the evening Lange, 49, had performed at Carolines as he recovers from recent surgery for a chest infection following years of drug abuse.

Star comics Judah Freidlander, Dave Attel, Aziz Ansari, were all also at The Cellar.

But the fun atmosphere quickly turned sour when Stewart, 54, stood up for a surprise performance but not before he got into a swearing match with Opie & Anthony’s Cumia.

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