Consolidating songs on itunes into one album

The i Cloud Download status icon (shaped like a cloud) shows you whether those songs are downloaded locally to your Mac or not; if not, you'll see a cloud with a downward arrow.

You can download tracks one-by-one by clicking on the cloud icon, or by selecting multiple songs and control-clicking on them, then selecting Download.

However, it may be your best choice if you are gathering music files from a diverse number of places and even formats, and moving as many as you can to one i Tunes account.

This is also one of the best options if you are transferring from PC to PC or from Mac to PC, where Migration Assistant can’t help you out.

Here’s how to begin: Update everything on both computers so they are running the latest version of the operating system and i Tunes. Prepare your i Tunes library by opening Since the advent of Mac OS Sierra, all you need is for both computers to be on the same wireless network for Migration Assistant to work.Don’t feel like messing around with the Migration Assistant?You could always hook up an external hard drive and transfer your music files manually from one computer to another.When finished, log into your new Mac and check to make sure all your i Tunes content is there.You will probably have to authorize the computer to use your i Tunes content before you can play it.

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