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If inflows are less than outflows and the value of the business’ assets are worth less than what is owed – a condition called negative net assets — it might conclude that restructuring without the help of a bankruptcy filing might be pointless.

But if it has assets that could be sold – a truck or store locations, for instance – that could be used to cover debts, it might attempt to sell the asset and shrink the business.

If you can’t pay your rent or electric bill because you don’t have the money, you could call faithful Aunt Beth and ask for a loan.

If you get one, the insolvency goes away, probably temporarily unless you are able to balance your income and expenses.

If insolvency were a medical problem, doctors might call it an acute condition.Failing to pay debts usually leads to debt collection efforts that force some kind of action.For example, if you own a house and don’t pay the mortgage, you’ll go into default that can soon lead to foreclosure.Businesses commonly use a balance sheet insolvency test to decide whether to take steps to stay afloat or file bankruptcy.To decide, the business will evaluate its inflows, outflows and assets.

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