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In either case, it won't get sorted out no matter how many times you'll enter all the correct details because for Retail Version option the publishers' servers are down or simply spoken are completely "dead" since ages and for Steam server because of the conflict between previous retail-owned copies of CD/DVD and Direct2Drive options offered by Steam which in no way bridges the gap to the satisfaction of publisher. Therefore, follow the appropriate segment that best suits to you in terms of what source you have available to install and run the game.: So, to get out of this labyrinth, one may want to follow the resolution divided into two segments of which the first specifies for those who own the retail copy of CD/DVD and for others who have lost/misplaced the retail CD/DVD and have only access to game image in formats like . Step 1: Before loading the retail copy of CD/DVD on your optical drive tray, make sure you DO NOT have any virtual drive emulator (such as, Daemon Tools, Alcohol, etc.) installed and if you have any then you GOT TO UNINSTALL this emulator from your hard drive.NOTE: Only one expansion pack can be incorporated with the base pack (original Co H).

NOTE: Using retail DVD copy for playing the game of this series, you ought to repeat all the steps mentioned above in order to play this game without any problem if you roll back to the settings for making the disabled optical drive active again Segment-II: This segment aids the owners of the legitimate retail copy of CD/DVD who might have lost or misplaced their copy and are left with game image in formats like . Step 1: After having installed the game from this series on your hard drive, you need to upgrade the respective game with manual patching system until the point of no-CD/DVD exe image fix version you're available with.This means if you've initially successfully passed the CD key verification system you'll be put on another test where the usable media verification system will check whether you have loaded a legitimate retail copy of CD/DVD or not.If this verification system won't get satisfied with the CD/DVD quality or any other media loading source is detected being in use such as virtual drive emulators, you will immediately get a small menu-like dialog box popped up with a message "Could not verify media" along with few more options offered so that user may be able to rectify their mistake either taking you to the publishers' server if you opt for Retail Version or redirecting you to the Steam server for Direct2Drive option.The resultant issue of "Could not verify media" will be discussed following the resolution of this issue.First, we are going to overcome the problems of manually patching the game from Company of Heroes Opposing Fronts expansion pack onwards. FLT, etc.) one more time either via virtual drive emulator or using a burnt CD/DVD and let the "Autoplay" dialog box appear and instead of doing anything else just explore the contents of the game image or CD/DVD by clicking on "Open folders to view files".

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