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It doesn’t really matter how you find your roommates: Whether you’re living with friends or strangers, everyone will have to deal with issues like how to pay the bills, the way you’ll treat communal space, and what sorts of behavior and habits are acceptable.

These are boring details that are different for everyone — but those mundane details can make or break your living situation.

Hopefully these tips can help you learn from my mistakes and avoid getting into any of these wretched situations for yourself.

Here are six tips I have for anyone renting an apartment with roommates.

Otherwise, when a roommate’s dude sleeps over every night for three months yet swears he doesn't owe anything because he “doesn't technically live there” (whatever the hell that means) the bills will stay unchanged.

My Advice: Even if this isn't something you think will happen, discuss it and put the decision in writing.

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There’s no other explanation for the WTF-inducing things that have continued to happen to me in living situations.

The cable company will not care that the person who opened the account broke up with you and moved across the country.

They will still require them to appear in person in order to switch the bill over to your name. My Advice: Just split up the tasks of setting up the electric, gas, and Internet accounts right when you move in. If one person will always be in charge of writing the rent check, the other roommates can pay the utility bills in full and deduct their roommate's share from the amount they transfer over for rent.

My Advice: Find out who this person really is by doing a little social media research before they move in.

They may say “I don’t want to bring the party home” — but late-night Instagrams of keggers in their living room or Facebook event invites for their weekly Tuesday night parties may tell a different story.

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