Catholic dating before annulment

Another problem would be getting too close where one would be tempted to sin for the violate Catholic teaching on marriage.But holding hands, even kissing, can be done in a safe way. Therefore, I have to fall back on the old Christianity 101 adage of St.

Perhaps the question then should be asked, “What is the purpose of dating?

It is simply not possible to cause a marriage to cease to exist. that makes perfect sense, and frankly, I’m not sure I ever fully understood it. so, then what you’re saying is dating would be a no no…because if a couple was living under the same roof and legally still married, they obviously wouldn’t be dating other people.

This is why the Tribunal investigates to see whether a marriage, in fact, existed, to begin with. I understood annulments, and the reason behind them–but the Church isn’t telling a couple…it’s ok to have a divorce through an annulment, rather, what is in question is if a marriage even existed. Regardless of the legality, the Church cannot grant someone a divorce, because it doesn’t believe in it.

It is very unfair to that person and could cause them great distress. I guess I do not agree with others have posted here. Paul, that we are at liberty where something is not sinful.

Also what happens if you are in love and you choose to not stop dating each other, then your souls are in danger. Now there are ways that dating would not be prudent, for example if one dated in a way that put one in near occasion of sin, like stopping over for a night cap.

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