California online dating law

"This is a made-in-tech-world problem to foment fear," Mactaggart said.

Tech companies "could make it go away by saying that they're going to extend California rights for everybody."Some of the provisions in the law have been criticized as too broad or vague, such as one that appears to prohibit the personalized pricing of goods and services and then later allows the practice.

SAN FRANCISCO — California is embarking on a new era of privacy on the internet, and Xavier Becerra can't stop thinking about the failed debut of Obamacare.

Back in 2013, Becerra, then a Democratic congressman from Los Angeles, watched as technical problems with the website marred the rollout of President Barack Obama's signature law, delaying sign-ups for health insurance and denting the public's faith in the new offering.

Now, as California's attorney general, Becerra is worried that a similarly halting start awaits the California Consumer Privacy Act, a far-reaching law that would put some of the world's strictest rules on how tech companies — many of which call the state home — handle and collect user data. No other state has attempted such an ambitious privacy law, and since before the dawn of the internet, Congress hasn't either. It forces companies to reveal what data they collect.

It gives users the right to delete that data and prevent its sale.

The idea is to complement the state's own enforcement efforts, with civil litigation serving to deter violations of the law.

The California Chamber of Commerce, a business lobby group, has said it thinks giving consumers the right to sue would primarily benefit trial lawyers.

Becerra and a group of privacy advocates want to add a provision granting consumers the right to sue if, for example, a company ignores a person's demand to opt out of data sales.At least nine other states, including North Dakota and Hawaii, are now considering their own versions of the California law.Federal legislation that might override California's law has so far failed to materialize.1, 2020, said he might not have enough staff to carry out the job, and that as a result the law could collapse under its own weight."I don't think you ever want to give people a reason to believe that you hoodwinked them," Becerra said in an interview.

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