C validating data types global address list not updating in outlook 2016

These two things are the only requirement to validate the data type. One can make use of compare validator to accomplish the task very easily. To compare whether the entered value is of a particular data type one should make sure that the “Operator” property of compare validator should be “Data Type Check” and the “Type” property should be the data type you want to check.Data validation is a process that ensures the delivery of clean and clear data to the programs, applications and services using it.It checks for the integrity and validity of data that is being inputted to different software and its components.Validation happens with the help of Xml Reader Settings class which comes under System. Validating schema means validating the structure of the table, the number of columns should be same as a schema of the Excel sheet. Schema It is the recommendation of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) that specifies how to formally describe the elements in an Extensible Markup Language (XML) document.It can be used by programmers to verify each piece of item content in a document.

Some confusion exists in the definition of data validation because the validation process does not check that the data is correct.

This demonstration is useful while validating an Excel sheet before uploading it to the server in both web and Windows-based applications.

But here, this demonstration uses Windows-based application and it does not contain Upload coding part, it contains only validation part of coding.

Some developers fetch the Excel data and validate (data type, length of data etc.) each data one by one.

This is a time-consuming process if you have a large amount of data (more than 1000 records) in Excel.

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