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It presents in popular science format research from psychology and behavioral economics on the adaptive unconscious: mental processes that work rapidly and automatically from relatively little information.It considers both the strengths of the adaptive unconscious, for example in expert judgment, and its pitfalls, such as stereotypes.This is commonly called "Analysis paralysis." The challenge is to sift through and focus on only the most critical information.The other information may be irrelevant and confusing.My first brush with Malcolm Gladwell was his book outliers (must read). Gladwell writes about psychology and the way he writes and presents his point of view is very interesting. In this book he suggests that spontaneous decisions (made in a blink) are often as good as or even better than carefully planned and considered ones.To explain this , Gladwell backs it up with a wide range of examples from science and medicine, sales and advertising, gambling, speed dating (and predicting divorce), tennis, military war games, and the movies and popular music.Collecting more information, in most cases, may reinforce our judgment but does not help make it more accurate.

Interestingly the latter group showed the same physical reactions as the first group.If the big picture is clear enough to decide, then decide from this without using a magnifying glass.The book argues that intuitive judgment is developed by experience, training, and knowledge.On the whole the book is a good read, would reccomend it but according to me outliers is his best book.Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking (2005) is Malcolm Gladwell's second book.

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