Bitter about dating

In order to get some semblance of relationship success, you need to understand how attraction works and what is expected of both modern men and modern women.

Today, dating is not about just being nice, or having money.

The simplest reason, is that for women, dating is like playing the game on easy mode.

Don't know, I have noticed a TON of woman hating on this forum though. But the one thing I keep seeing on LS that I totally find myself in complete disagreement with is projection of traits on to an entire gender.

Lots of us are in the same boat (regardless of the gender). On the surface: Because many of the bitter men that post on LS are leftovers from the So Suave invasion of LS and the bitter guys just never left.. I guess they liked LS better Deeper underneath: I would hazard a guess and say that both sexes are equally as bitter or have bitter moments in their lives.

It is a natural reaction to being hurt to hurt back but the trick is that you are supposed to heal and cease being bitter in order to be happy..

Make the most of living men tend to be singular-minded, especially when something consumes them. I don't find that most long term single women display man-hating attributes. What are the chances that if you called a man today, you would have a date this week? Since men, on average are likely to experience it more, after enough rejections they become disheartened, which in turn leads to anger. I don't find that most long term single women display man-hating attributes.

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It's a hard problem to solve, but also one that pays off in a number of ways once you do solve it.

They pop up instead in the threads on sex, porn, looks, masturbation, etc. BTW any man or woman is invited to answer those questions.

The answers will explain why single men are more bitter then women.

The more women you approach, the more success you'll have.

Stop letting opportunities pass you by, and start talking to girls.

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